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We Are Modular Show Displays

We offer several types of Modular Show Displays that include complete custom designs, slatwall configurations, shelving/merchandise displays,  as well as two prefabricated kit options that can also be custom configured to meet your every need.  All of these displays are use an extrusion system that is combined with multiple materials to give maximum functionality, cost-effectiveness, and an incredible presence.

Modular Extrusions

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Backdrop Popups

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Kiosk Showcases

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Truss Structures

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Banner Stands

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Overhanging Signs

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Transport Cases

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Decals & Wall Wrap

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We offer various options to improve the presentation of your workplace and reinforce your brand identity.

Our goal is to create outstanding graphics and dynamic displays that leave lasting impressions.

We offer a broad line of portable trade show displays, from a banner stand for a quick presentation, to an elaborate corporate exhibition taking oversized booth spaces. By combining unique design with versatility we build high-impact environments that stand out in convention centers and workplaces.

Choose from many metal finishes such as bronze, copper, aluminum to colors in molded plastic acetate with a lifetime warranty.

We can provide Booth Solutions for you !

When you have large products to show off or a meet and greet with clients in your exhibit, you may need the additional space afforded by a 10×20 trade show booth. But a larger exhibit can feel bare without a quality display to fill out the space. That’s why we offers a wide variety of  10×10 and 10×20 trade show booths with designs that can make your exhibit feel professional! If all you need in your 10×20 trade show booth is a simple backdrop that’s easy to set up, you can check out our selection booths to help you meet your goals.

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